‘Me and the World Around’           

            6 weeks - Creative Mindfulness online course


Mindfulness is:

  • Paying attention to what you are experiencing in the moment. 

  • Having an experimental mindset and an attitude of curiosity, 

openness, acceptance and warmth.


This course is for you if you would like to:

  • Increase knowledge about your inner world - feelings, emotions, thoughts, sensations and begin to practice being ‘here and now’ by bringing attention to body and breathing.

  • Recognise your ‘autopilot mode' and begin to practice stepping out of it. 

  • Increase an awareness about the world around you and yourself in it by bringing all five senses to focus. 

  • Learn how to deal with stress, anxiety and begin to stimulate a vague nerve, the main component of the parasympathetic nervous which helps the body to relax.

  • Relax and enjoy - each session has got a theme that is interwoven with guided meditation, creative exercise and group sharing/discussion.

This course is for you:

  • If you are interested in personal development, mindfulness and you would like to explore it further in a creative way.

  • If you would like to unwind after work or a long day and recharge energy for the next of the week.

  • It is not a support group or group therapy although I am sure that as a group together, we will be able to create a safe, supportive, respectful and welcoming environment for each other. 


Start and Finish Date:  25/01/22- 01/03/22 

When: Tuesday from 6.00pm to 7.00 pm

Where: Online - Zoom platform

Cost: £80


FREE FLOW WRITING exercise may serve as a form of meditation and outlet for our emotions.                         Often we are so much wrapped up in our own thinking, stories and FREE FLOW WRITING is a way of getting this out of our head and putting down on paper.


  • to get clarity about the feelings, emotions and thoughts.

  • to regulate the feelings.

  • to deal with challenging and difficult feelings                in more constructive and effective way.

  • to gain more peace in life.

  • to see things from a new perspective.                                                                                                                             You will be surprise how much difference can                   this simple exercise make in you life.                      



The conflict between the inner self and outer self is very common in the world that we are living therefor becoming aware of your inner self and how it balances with your outer self is the foundation for good mental and physical health.


First step in any change is recognition of what actually is going on within:



 ACTIO, ACT differently. 

INNER & OUTER SELF exercise helps

  • to get clarity around your inner and outer self.

  • to recognise if there is any conflict between two selves, as the conflict between usually results in stress and anxiety.

'I want to learn how to hold the paradoxical poles of my identity together, to embrace the profoundly opposite truths that my sense of self is deeply dependent on others dancing with me and that I still have a sense of self when no one wants to dance.'Parker Palmer